Highest paying government jobs in India | Salary | Jobs after 12th

Are you a government job aspirant and looking for highest paying government jobs in India? Here, we have the list of the highest paying jobs in India.

Highest paying government jobs in India

Government jobs are highly recommended in a country like India. And if you want to get paid hugely then you must knew about the highest paying government jobs in India. Government officials get better privileges or perks in comparison to other jobs.

Every youngster in our country is looking for the best government jobs, which also have the highest salary in India because they think that government jobs are much better than private jobs.

The government employees have many powers, rights, advantages that ordinary peoples don't. If you are also a government job aspirant then you must read this article till the end to decide the best job for you.

Today in this article, we will tell you about the top 10 highest paying government jobs in India with their information, starting salary, and their respective competitive exams. So here we go-

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs In India.

1. Indian Foreign Services:-

Indian foreign services officers are selected for civil services exams conducted by the UPSC. IFS officers represent the country in foreign countries.

IFS officers spend more than two-thirds of their careers in foreign countries, the maximum period of three years in one country.

Perks of being an IFS officer:-

  1. Gets wonderful academicians in the world's best cities
  2. Free education in any school for their children.
  3. Official luxury cars with a chauffeur.
  4. Free medical care throughout the world.
  5. Free traveling across India.

Eligibility for becoming an IFS officer:-

  1. Candidate must be graduated from a certified Indian Institute.
  2. The candidate must clear the UPSC exam.
  3. Candidate must know three international languages, including English.

Salary of an IFS officer

The monthly salary of a freshly posted IFS officer is around USD 4500-6000, and for an experienced officer, it is about USD 9000-1000.


2. IAS  (Indian Administrative Services)  and IPS  (Indian Police Services):-

IAS and IPS are the most know jobs among the youth. On the one hand, these officers get to work in diverse fields. On the other hand, the perks of these jobs are unmatchable. IAS and IPS officers have massive power in the hands. Park's security of employment and their power make these jobs the most desirable among the youth.

Perks of an IAS & IPS officer:-

  1. Big bungalow like houses in posh localities.
  2. An official vehicle and chauffeur.
  3. If required, personal security guards are also provided.
  4. That child can study free in foreign universities at government scholarship.

Eligibility of becoming an IAS & IPS officer:-

  1. The age limit of 21-32.
  2. The candidate must be graduated from a recognized Indian University.
  3. Candidate must clear their UPSC exams.

Salary of an IAS or IPS officer:-

The starting monthly salary of an IAS or IPS officer is between 50k to 60k INR. But it increases as your experience is improved. The salary of an IAS officer at the Cabinet Secretary level can go up to INR 2.5 lakhs.


3. Defence services:-

The defense sector has one of the most challenging and highest paying jobs in India. The candidate needs to qualify for defense exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, and various others to get a defense service job. 

You can either join defense after high school or after completing your graduation. The position is precarious and challenging; however, candidates get excellent promotion facilities.

Perks of being a Defence services provider:-

  1. Free ration
  2. Lifetime pension after retirement.
  3. Uniform allowance.
  4. Free children's education in any country.

Eligibility for becoming a defense services provider:-

  1. Lieutenant - NAC - After 12th examination.
  2. Flying officer - AFCAT - After graduation.
  3. Sub-lieutenant - CDS - After graduation.
  4. The candidate must be physically and mentally fit.
  5. Candidate must know two national languages.

Salary in the defense sector:-

In the defense sector, a Lieutenant officer's salary is around 60k per month and the same for a flying officer and Sub-lieutenant. But here also, the pay is depended on the skills and experience of the candidates.


4. Scientists & Engineers at ISRO/DRDO:-

The young engineering and scientist graduates who are interested in research and development and want to be a part of India's growth story can apply for the post of engineers or scientists in ISRO and DRDO for other such organizations BARC. Working in these organizations may earn tremendous respect in society.

Perks of a scientist/engineer in ISRO and DRDO:-

  1. House rent allowance.
  2. Transport allowance for the limit ₹7200.
  3. Bonuses after six months.
  4. Free food at the canteens
  5. Eligibility for becoming a scientist/engineer in ISRO/DRDO.
  6. The age limit is 30 years.
  7. The student must clear his/her JEE advanced.
  8. Masters in their respective fields.

Salary in ISRO:-

The monthly salary of a fresher in ISRO is around 50k to 60k INR and can go up to INR 1.5 lakhs.


5. RBI Grade B:-

If you are interested in banking services, nothing is a better employer than RBI. RBI Grade B is the best post to start a banking career. It is also one of the highest-paid jobs in India. You can be promoted up to the level of a deputy governor.

Perks of an RBI Grade B officer:-

  1. A 3-BHK flat in posh localities.
  2. In180 liters of petrol per annum.
  3. Children education allowance
  4. One lakh allowance for tour & travels.

Eligibility of becoming an RBI Grade B officer:-

  1. Students should pass the RBI grade B phase-I exams.
  2. After phase-I, students must clear the main RBI examination.
  3. Students must be graduated.

Salary of an RBI Grade-B officer -

The average monthly salary is between INR 60k to 70k and can go up to INR 1 lakh to 1.2 lakh.

6. Public sector undertakings ( PSU ):-

The engineering students can appear for the GATE exam. This provides you public sector jobs, this is for those students who don't want to work in corporate fields.

Perks of a PBU worker:-

  1. Company accommodation and HRA.
  2. Special compensatory off for plant-based location.
  3. Shift allowance.
  4. Eligibility for becoming a PSU worker:-
  5. Students must clear the GATE exam.
  6. Students must be graduated.

Salary of a PSU worker -

The starting monthly salary of a PSU worker is between INR 40k-50k and with experience, it can fluctuate between INR 1.6-1.8 lakhs.

7. Indian Forest Service:-

Indian forest service is the best job for those who want to escape city life, prefer to live in the lap of nature, and enjoy a primitive environment. The IFSC officers are supposed to work in the fields of forests as well as wildlife resources. The job is full of adventures.

Perks of an IFOS officer:-

  1. Big well-furnished house.
  2. An official vehicle and driver.
  3. House helper
  4. Subsidized electricity.

Eligibility for becoming an IFOS officer:-

  1. Students must be graduated.
  2. Students must clear the UPSC exam.
  3. Students must know topography.

Salary of an IFOS officer -

Starting - ₹50000-55000 INR per month Experienced - ₹100000-120000 INR per month.


8. State Service Commission:-

The different states conduct exams like SDM, ETO, DSP, and many others for the candidates. These officers are just below the ranks of directly recruited officers through UPSC. The responsibilities and powers of PCS officers are comparatively low than grade an officer.

Perks of PCS officer:-

  1. Big well-furnished house.
  2. An official vehicle with chauffeur, Driver.
  3. Electricity allowance.

Eligibility for becoming a PCS officer:-

  1. Students must be graduated from a recognized Indian institute.
  2. Students must clear the UPSC exam.
  3. The age limit is 21-40 years.

Salary of a PCS officer-

Starting - ₹35000-45000. Experienced - ₹120000-130000


9. Lecturers/Professors in government college:-

The job of a lecturer is very fantastic because you get enough free time in your daily routine. You don't get enough power in this job, but you will enjoy this job. Every year you get vacations. The working hours are 8 AM to 2 PM. The rest of the time you are free, you can do a part-time job or spend time with your family.

Perks of a Lecturer/professor In Government Colleges:-

  1. Medical facilities.
  2. College accommodation.
  3. Laptop allowance.

Eligibility of becoming a lecturer/professor:-

1. The student must have a master's degree with at least 55%.
2. The student should clear the UGC Net exam with the JRF exam.

Salary of Lecturer/professor In Government Colleges:

Starting - ₹35000-40000 Experienced - ₹80000-100000.


10. ASO in the ministry of external affairs:-

ASO and MEA is a grade B post. The most significant benefit of working as an ASO is you get to visit various foreign countries. ASO can get six foreign postings while each posting has a period of 3 years. You must pass the foreign language proficiency test.

Perks of ASO officer:-

  1. The government provides accommodation.
  2. Free medical care in any country.
  3. Free education for their children.
  4. Eligibility for becoming an ASO officer:-
  5. You must have completed your undergraduate degree.
  6. Students must clear the SSC-CGL exams.
  7. The age limit is 18-35 years.

Salary of an ASO officer:

Starting - USD 1000-1600 Experienced - USD 2500-3500.


These are some of the highest paying government jobs in India, or you can also call these as the best jobs in India.

Government jobs are much better in the terms of perks and privileges, but as hard as to get. Every year thousands of students appear in which very few are selected.

This doesn't mean that it is impossible, but this is tuff. It would be best to have proper guidance, proper knowledge, and a highly concentrated mind to clear the UPSC type exams.

Once you clear both the examination and interview, you will get a well-posted job with many other privileges.

I hope you have liked this article and got all the required information for which you were looking.